Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Let It Snow!

So, my sis just called me to tell me that her sister-in-law had favorited this blog, not knowing that she was favoriting a blog of an almost relative!  (She figured it out after reading about the authors) How funny is that?!  So, that made me think I better jump in here and try to post more often.  When you sit down to blog, it feels like you're just talking to yourself and your computer, not really realizing that it's going out into the blogosphere and that others beyond you and your little computer are actually seeing it!  So, sorry if you've been checking and we haven't posted much.  Candi's in the Young Women's Presidency in our ward and I'm the new Primary President, which, you all probably know are extremely time consuming callings.

In the spirit of the weather that is coming Saint Louis' way, I wanted to post a picture of one of my other favorite blocks: Let It Snow!  It is so cute with little ornaments as the "snow" words and silver snowflakes floating down.  The Let It is in navy blue.  We also found a really cute blue ribbon with glittery snowflakes on it, which makes the craft even more adorable than with the silver ribbon (which, don't get me wrong, is also really cute).  I have mine sitting by the front door right now, just beckoning the clouds to let loose! Come on!  We want to build a snowman, already.  Haha, maybe that's the Montana girl in me begging for snow.  The rest of the St. Louisans probably don't really want to see it snow.

As with the other blocks, if you love it, let us know and we'd love to help you get the materials to make this sweet craft.  $6 for the vinyl and $25 for the entire craft.

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