Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our First Class!!!

We are so excited to announce our first monthly craft class! Our first project will be this darling "Spooky Countdown" for Halloween. It turned out so cute, we can't wait to share the idea!

We will have everything to make this adorable craft: Wood blocks, wood base, paint, brushes, paper, mod podge, and vinyl. It doesn't get much easier than that, right?

Now, how much would you be willing to pay for such a fantastic craft? (Do I sound like a game show host?!) We are charging $10 for everything! I know...crazy, huh? ;)

We've planned 3 different dates at Candi's house:

Saturday, September 26th at 10am
Wednesday, September 30th at 9am
Wednesday, September 30th at 7pm

If those dates don't work with your schedule, we offer private classes at your own chosen time and place for at least 5 people. Our one condition for all classes is that you find a sitter for the kiddos. Crafts + Kids = Insanity!

And, as an added bonus, if you invite a friend(s) and they decide to do the craft as well, we'll give you one foot of custom vinyl for free with no limit to the number of friends or free vinyl! We are so excited to start doing this every month and hope that you'll join us! Can't wait to hear from you.


  1. This sound great. I will definitley be there. Got to check and see what day works best for me. I love the halloween countdown.

  2. Great, helpresa. You can email us directly with the date that works best at!

  3. Candi,

    If you aren't set up to have people order the vinyl from you, any chance you could tell me the font name? I'd love to try to make them. Did you modge podge over the vinyl once it was applied? Thanks. Hope you are well. This website is very cool. I've shared it with some friends.